Welcome new coaches to our club!


Welcome new coaches to our club! Joshua Riesenberg is an officer of OU chess club. He volunteers to teach chess in our club. Samantha Okroi, who is  from Norman North High School, also volunteers to teach chess for beginners. They will work with our current coaches, Zile Cao and Qing Cao, to make our club better. Welcome!

Chess Activities for New School Year Start!


Wow! Can not believe the new semester has already begun. Our club’s regular weekly meeting also started tonight. Look at the new place for our club’s activities, so spacious and comfortable! Thanks a lot for our partner, St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church! Young chess lovers are welcome to join us. They will find a great fun in our club.

“Do or Do Not” Chess Tournament at OU

This tournament was directed by the chess club at the University of Oklahoma (OU) on 6 August 2016. It was a tournament kind of different from other common tournaments. All the players were divided into small groups of four or six players based on their ranking. Therefore, they faced the opponents with the similar level. Zile challenged the players with higher ranking than him. He lost to one player with 300+ higher but won two games against other two. His final result was the second place of his group. Qing got undefeated (all draws) in his three rounds. Bryan also got two wins and one draw in a group of 6 players (5 rounds). Ray won 4 games and drew one in 6 rounds and won the first place in his group. Congratulations to them!

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Norman Chess Club 2016 Summer Tournament

It was amazing that our club successfully ran the 2016 summer tournament in Norman public library on 31 July 2016. All the players showed the significant progress they made during the summer. Congratulations to Bryan Joo, Ryan Chen, and Andy Wang who ranked the top three in this tournament. Thanks to all the parents who contributed to the tournament as well as the summer activities of our club! This tournament is a perfect ending of our summer activities in chess. We are looking forward to the exciting chess activities in the coming school year.

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The Challengers July 9, 2016 Open

NCC attended the Challengers July 9, 2016 Open held in Moore, Oklahoma. Zile, Naren, and Tanner were topped at the U1600 section. The results are posted on USCF website: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201607094442-14749267

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